Medical Training & Communication

Medical Training

Trainings and Training Concepts for Medical Content

Training & Education

Learning is a vital and continuous process. Especially in life science and the medical sector, a sustainable training strategy and excellent training content is crucial for the learning success. 

With over fifteen years of experience in trainings for the biotech, pharma and medical device industry, I can support you with a sustainable and agile training concept and interactive trainings for your employees or customers.
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Augmented Reality

Simulation is an important factor within medical trainings. New technologies, like augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) bring fully new possibilities for training concepts.

With my experience to integrate  AR and MR in trainings, I also support your company to setup future workplaces and bring customer trainings to a higher level.

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Medical Communication

Medical Marketing and Medical Writing
Marketing for medical products is special and standard marketing texts do not address the customer. As an expert it is often difficult to describe complex medical issues and terms in the way, that everybody can understand it.

I assist you in writing your medical message in a simple but professional way, always target group orientated. 
Clear product and service descriptions are the key for successful sales and maintenance. 

With objective and descriptive texts, I give your product the necessary market presence and scientific content. 
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